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Redesign Partners invests in Benelux, France and Germany. The investment focus is on businesses that are affected by technical and regulatory changes in their markets leading to changing customer demand. This leads to new opportunities but also new challenges to overcome. Adapting to change often requires an important (strategic) repositioning of a company. Redesign Partners has over 25 years of experience in leading and helping companies through this transition. Redesign Partners will not only invest capital but will invest expertise and management resources to help a company (re)gain leadership in the changed business environment.

Since its origin in 1996 Redesign Partners has a longstanding experience record in this field, developing many top three players in their respective industries.

We believe that each transaction and situation is unique and every deal requires careful tuning of the terms and structure taking into account the respective (personal) objectives and requirements of both the seller, the management team and ourselves. Redesign Partners acts according to a standardized investment process and where required the Team can gear up to act very quickly.


Who are we

The Redesign Team has been together since the late 1990’s, helping or leading companies to define new strategies and implementing those in changed market conditions. Specifically when change is caused by new regulations or new technologies. The Redesign Team is a team of professionals with experiences in various fields like, strategy development, change management, financial management and structuring, HRM, operations, innovation management and marketing/sales. Redesign Partners is a hands-on investment group: next to the financial investment, specific management capacity is deployed to help define and implement the changed strategy.


Redesign Partners was formed in the late 1990s by Willem Haverkamp and Robert Dingemanse, who established the Redesign Center within Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands. The Redesign Center was a unique initiative which specialised in leading and helping companies in changing markets. The group led the definition and implementation of a new strategy in a portfolio of businesses and created a series of leaders in their industries. Often this was accomplished by combining the company with complementary skills and strategic positions of another company.

Up to 2002This strategy was implemented for a number of Philips’ non-core businesses which had been earmarked for divestment or for being closed down.

After its spin-out in 2002 the group worked with many businesses in a variety of industry segments in France, Germany and the Benelux.

investment focus

Investment strategy

Redesign Partners seeks investment opportunities in Benelux, France and Germany. We seek companies that are in changing markets, where new technologies or new regulations are redefining the value chain.

Redesign Partners will invest money and hands-on resources to help companies adapt in these changing situations. Where necessary we will enable companies to build or acquire the required new assets and skills.

Investment criteria

Redesign Partners is focusing on companies and markets where change is the name of the game. Especially where change is triggered by technology or regulation change. This can occur at any stage in the economic cycle and in any industry and therefore we do not have a industry or sector focus.

Due to our experience record we feel we are most effective in the sectors Technology, Telecom, Medical technology, Industrial processes and renewables and sustainable energy. However we will have a close look at opportunities outside this field where change is eminent.

Redesign focuses on majority investments in order to be most effective in adding value to the companies.


Robert Dingemanse

Willem Haverkamp


If you are interested in a career with Redesign Partners’ structuring or operating teams, please send an email with a CV to


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